Protect UV Spray

SPF50+ PA++++
Fragrance free

Guaranteed sun protection for the whole
body with maximum*1 UV protection factor!

For 9 years running No.1

Product features


Ultimate*1 UV
SPF50+ PA++++

This ultimate*1 spray withstands sweat, water and sebum, while offering extended protection from UVA and UVB rays with maximum*1 UV protection factor.
It prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.


Unbelievably light formula!
Now even faster drying!

We’ve added more powder to reduce stickiness!
The result is an incredibly light texture that feels silky-smooth on the skin.
It doesn't feel sticky even when layered and keeps skin silky-smooth even if you break a sweat.
It dries immediately, so it’s also convenient when you're in a rush to go out.


A translucent spray that
doesn't leave white residue

A translucent spray
that doesn't leave
white residue

Since it is translucent, it doesn't leave white residue and you can use it on your hair, part, or even on top of your makeup.

Can your hair and scalp get sunburned?

Thorough and even coverage!

Special technology improves the spray's coverage.
It can also be used upside down, so you can protect your back, toes, and other hard-to-reach areas with a single push.
It offers total protection from UV damage for your skin and hair.
It has a waterproof formula, but can easily be removed with soap.

*1 Highest factor according to national standards, out of all KOSÉ products
*2 Based on True Data Inc. survey: sales performance in sunscreen spray category between January 2011 and December 2019, True Data drugstore panel


Shake the bottle vigorously four or five times and spray at a distance of 10-15cm to evenly cover skin and hair. The product can also be sprayed upside down.
To maintain effective sun protection, be sure to reapply whenever necessary, such as after toweling off. It can easily be removed with soap.

  • Harsh
    UV rays
  • Hard-to-
    reach areas
  • Reapplication
  • Also for
    hair and scalp
  • On top
    of makeup
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