SUNCUT® provides complete full-body ultimate*1 UV protection with sunscreen.
Suitable for everything from daily use to outdoor activities.
The SUNCUT® lineup has been carefully designed to protect your hair and skin from UV damage
while also feeling pleasant to use and gentle on the skin.
If you want to make absolutely sure you'll not burn, you'll find the perfect sunscreen product in our extensive lineup.

Sunscreen spray Top seller* for 10 years in a row! Sunscreen spray Top seller* for 10 years in a row!

Translucent Sunscreen
Spray is our
no. 1 seller!*
This is proof of
its widespread popularity.

Since it's translucent and feels smooth, SUNCUT® spray can be used
over your whole body, from your hair to your toes, to provide any time
and convenient UV protection!

Complete full-body protection! Ultimate UV protection!Complete full-body protection! Ultimate UV protection!

Sunburn is caused by exposure to UV rays.
UV rays are composed of UVA and UVB rays.
UVA penetrates deep into the skin and causes dark spots
and sagging
. Extended exposure to UVB induces sunburn
and is said to cause dark spots, freckles, and dry skin.
SUNCUT® offers extended protection from both UVA and
UVB rays! It also provides total protection for your skin
and hair from UV damage. And it has a non-sticky, silky-smooth,
comfortable formula!

Maximum UV protection factor for complete sun protection! This is what makes SUNCUT the ultimate!

*Based on INTAGE SRI+ sunscreen spray (self-service, medicated) market cumulative total sales between March 2020-August2022

*Highest factor according to national standards, out of all KOSÉ products