Did you know? Sunburn while wearing a maskAre you protected!?
The truth about masks and summer UV care.

QIf I’m wearing a mask*,
am I protected from sunburn?

AThe answer is

It is often assumed that wearing a mask prevents sunburn, but a standard nonwoven mask passes through up to 25% of UV rays. While UV rays are composed of UVA, which causes wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging, and UVB, which causes dark spots and inflammation, we found that UVA is approximately three times more likely than UVB to penetrate masks.

QHow much sunburn am I getting while wearing a mask*?

Test methodTest methodWe tested the effects of UV rays penetrating a mask using a mannequin coated with paint that turns purple through UV exposure.
Its color was observed after shining UV rays from the front and above the mask for a fixed period of time.

Shine UV rays from front
Patchy sunburnUV

*KOSÉ Corp. study

Shine UV rays from above
Gap sunburnUV

*KOSÉ Corp. study

AThe test showed uneven color intensity
under a mask after UV exposure, indicating “sunburn through a mask”such as patchy sunburnand gap sunburn!

QAm I protected as I wear
sunscreen under a mask?

AThe answer is △

Sunscreen is more likely to come off while wearing a mask due to
the stickiness and sweat inside, and friction from taking it on and off.


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*Test using nonwoven mask (KOSÉ Corp. study)

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