Guaranteed sun protection! Prevents “sunburn through a mask”

SUNCUT UV Protection Mask

99% UV protection! Washable UV protection mask with UPF50+*1.
With a generous 3D shape, it completely covers concerning areas for effective sun protection.
This double-layer cloth mask is made in Japan, designed to provide excellent breathability and comfort.

  • UV protection
  • Generous shape
  • Antiviral
  • Bacteriostatic*2
  • Cool touch
  • Wash resistant
  • Beige inside
  • Breathable
  • Deodorizing
  • Water-absorbent
    & quick-drying
  • Made in Japan

Illustration of product in useIllustration of product in use

How to use

Check the top
and bottom of the mask.
The side printed with
“SUNCUT” mark is
the outside.

Non-medical product

Guaranteed sun protection!

Even under harsh UV rays. Double complete protection!

99% UV protection UPF50+*1

Extensive UV coverage
Generous 3D structure

Illustrative size of SUNCUT UV Protection MaskIllustrative size of SUNCUT UV Protection Mask

SUNCUT UV Protection MaskSUNCUT UV Protection Mask

Completely covers up to cheekbones,
below the chin, andbase of ears!Completely covers up to cheekbones, below the chin, and base of ears!

Illustration of normal nonwoven maskSUNCUT UV Protection Mask

Excellent UV protection of SUNCUT UV Protection MaskExcellent UV protection of SUNCUT UV Protection Mask

We tested the effects of UV rays penetrating a mask using a mannequin coated with paint that turns purple through UV exposure.
Even after shining UV rays for a fixed period of time, its color did not turn purple,
demonstrating the strong UV protection of SUNCUT UV Protection Mask.

SUNCUT UV Protection Mask No patchy sunburn


Diagonally right

Diagonally left

Normal nonwoven mask


*Test using nonwoven mask (*KOSÉ Corp. study)

SEK certified
antiviral & bacteriostatic*2 processing

The mask uses an antiviral processed material on the outside. With the power of mineral oxygen catalyst DEOFACTOR*, a deodorant & bacteriostatic*2 processing is applied, which goes beyond antibacterial processing by suppressing growth of bacteria and reducing amount of particular viruses on fibers. Our antiviral and bacteriostatic*2 processing are SEK certified.

What is SEK?

SEK stands for “Sen-i Evalution Kino.” The SEK mark indicates that a fiber’s functional processing, performance, and safety are certified by the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council. Only products that have met the standards defined by the Council regarding fiber display terms, evaluation method/criteria, safety etc. can display the SEK mark.

Antiviral processing (Reduces amount of particular viruses on fibers.) Bacteriostatic processing (Suppresses growth of bacteria on fibers.)Antiviral processing (Reduces amount of particular viruses on fibers.) Bacteriostatic processing (Suppresses growth of bacteria on fibers.)

What is DEOFACTOR Antivirus?

With a unique antiviral, deodorant & bacteriostatic action, it decomposes and detoxifies harmful substances on clothing and fiber products. It is a new material processing technology that works on any material to achieve a pleasant feel on the skin while maintaining its texture. (SEK certified)

*DEOFACTOR® is a registered trademark of TAKAHASHI RENSEN Co., Ltd.

Double-layer mask made in Japan
to power through summer

A double-layer cloth mask developed to provide comfort without stickiness even in hot and humid summer.
The outside uses a breathable seed stitch material with excellent water-absorbent and quick-drying properties, while the inside uses a cool touch material with water-absorbent and deodorizing effects. It is made in Japan from material to sewing.

Passed 50 washes test*.
Equipped with high durability for washing and reuse

Masks are now a necessity in our new normal. That’s why we made an economical,
environmentally friendly mask that can be washed clean for repeated reuse.

Passed 50 washes test! Washable and reusable maskPassed 50 washes test! Washable and reusable mask

Even after 50 washes, there were no substantial
changes in its appearance such as shape or material.

Unused mask
After 50 washes

*Rated “Good” in a wash resistance test performed by an external agency.

Prevent “mask sunburn” with combined use of
UV Protection Mask & sunscreen

*1 UPF50+ is a measure of UV protection provided by fabrics. It shows how much UV is blocked, with a maximum rating of UPF50+.

*2 This effect does not apply to the whole mask or mask during use. Masks do not completely prevent infection (infiltration).