Tested for water resistance! You can sweat, you can swim, but you won’t get sunburned. SUNCUT translucent sunscreen spray Super Waterproof. [SPF 50+ PA++++] 50g

Maximum UV protection factor* for complete full-body sun protection to ensure you won't burn! Tested for water resistance,
a super waterproof type sunscreen spray with outstanding resistance to sweat, water and sebum. Total protection for your skin and hair from harsh UV rays.

FEATURE Product features


Extreme* UV reduction! SPF50+ PA++++

This extreme-strength* spray withstands sweat, water and
sebum, and with our highest UV protection factor*offers
long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays.
Prevents blemishes and freckles caused by sun exposure.


Super Waterproof; outstanding sweat, water and sebum resistance.

Continuous reduction of strong
UV rays confirmed in an 80-minute
water resistance test.
Sustained UV reduction,
won’t come off even if you sweat.

*Based on tests conducted by our company.


Aquary Sensor performance & Stretch Fit formulation

Contains Aquary Sensor, which enhances the UV-protective layer when in contact with
sweat or water. Melds perfectly to your skin with our Stretch Fit formulation. Won’t
come off even if you move around, thoroughly protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.


Dry-feel, light and gentle to use. Comes off with soap!

Non sticky and won’t leave white marks, light and gentle to
use. Protects your skin from damage from dryness or other
problems caused by UV rays. Keeps your skin feeling dry for
hours withSweat Clear Powder※1(silver).

※1 Silica, tricalcium phosphate, silver

*UV refuction effect within SUNCUT ※True Data Inc. research, Spray sunscreen category
Cumulative January 2011-December 2016 sales total from data for approximately 3.6 million active drugstore members

HOW TO USE Directions for Use

Shake the can up and down firmly four or five times,
then spray at a distance of 10-15cm from skin and hair, covering evenly.
The product can also be sprayed when held upside down.
Re-apply after using a towel on your skin, etc.
in order to maintain sunscreen effect.
It can easily be removed with soap.