Contains menthol Comfortably cool, watery-feel UV gel SUNCUT Sunscreen Gel 50 Water Splash [SPF 50+ PA++++] 100g

Strongest UV protection index*, feels light to use, like a splash of cool water on your skin.
This comfortably-cool gel will protect your skin from damage from UV rays.

FEATURE Product features


Extreme* UV reduction! SPF 50+ PA++++

This gel withstands sweat, and sebum, with our maximum
UV protection factor* offering extended protection from
UVA and UVB rays. Prevents blemishes and freckles caused by
sun exposure.


Watery-feel base, so it’s refreshingly cool to use

New sensation, like splashing cool water on your skin.
Makes you feel cooler just by using it.


With skin care effect, and feels light and gentle to use.

This light and pleasant formulation is gentle on the skin, and does not leave any
stickiness or white traces. Prevents dryness, leaving your skin looking smooth and dry.


Can also be used as base make up, and washes off with soap!

Makes your foundation spread and hold better, and keeps your
make up in place. Removes with soap, face wash,
body wash or similar.

*UV refuction effect within SUNCUT ※True Data Inc. research, Spray sunscreen category
Cumulative January 2011-December 2016 sales total from data for approximately 3.6 million active drugstore members

HOW TO USE Directions for Use

Squeeze onto your hand, and apply evenly a little at a time.
Apply generously making sure you don't miss anywhere- you won't see any
white traces on your skin. Re-apply after using a towel on your skin, etc.
in order to maintain sunscreen effect.