A waterproof gel that is perfect for outdoor or leisure activities SUNCUT Sunscreen Gel 50, Waterproof [SPF50+ PA++++] 100g

A waterproof gel that withstands sweat, water and excess oil, yet is light and pleasant to use.
This sweat-proof gel with a maximum UV protection factor* almost melts into your skin
to protect you from damage caused by exposure to UV rays.

FEATURE Product features


Extreme* UV reduction!SPF50+ PA++++

This extreme* gel withstands sweat, water and excess oil, and a maximum UV protection factor offers extended protection from UVA and UVB rays. Prevents wrinkles and freckles, which are caused by exposure to the sun.


A refreshing and moisturizing water base

Since it is waterproof, it will continue to protect you from UV rays even if you sweat.
Protects your skin from damage caused by exposure to UV rays during outdoor and leisure activities.


A refreshing and moisturizing water base

The moisturizing and gentle water base almost melts into your skin
without leaving white traces or stickiness.
Prevents dryness, leaving your skin looking smooth and fresh.

Includes hyaluronic acid, GL (moisturizing) and 10 types of plant extracts.
*GL refers to glycerin.


It also works as a make up base!

Can also applied to the skin as a make up base.
Improves the hold of your foundation and keeps
your make up in place.
And it can easily be removed with soap.

*UV reduction effect within the series ※ Survey conducted by Customer Communications, Ltd.
on cumulative total sales between January 2011 and December 2014 in the sun protection spray category. Based on data of around 3.6 million active drug store members.

HOW TO USE Directions for Use

Squeeze onto your hand in small amounts, and apply evenly.
Apply generously to make sure that you don't miss anywhere
- this won't be obvious as you won't see any white traces on your skin.
To maintain effective sun protection be sure to reapply product
whenever necessary, such as after toweling off.